Pradanya Subramanyan (she/her) is an Indian American artist focused on developing practices to foster equitable working environments for marginalized communities across the arts and entertainment industry. As well as being an advocate for accessibility for both viewers and artists, she works to remove barriers in the arts. With a focus on arts and entertainment management, producing, and development, she aims to create spaces where artists can share their voices, reclaim stories, and empower those around them. She hopes to expand the arts scene to include more pieces for communities of color, normalize inclusivity in offstage positions, and work with children’s media to produce content that would enable future generations to be represented with agency onscreen and onstage. 
[Arts Administration Apprentice] New York Stage and Film 2024 Summer Season/ July 10- August 10
[Intimacy Choreographer] Give, For by Rooke Lewis/ Fordham University
[Intimacy/ Fight Choreographer] The Amethyst and the Peridot by Dylan Perez/ Fordham University
[Intimacy Choreographer] Orange Sky at Night by Maggie Needham/ Fordham University
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